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Spring is coming and we are looking forward to reopening fully and welcoming our guests back!
Happy Thanksgiving!
We’d like to update your on our plans to change things in both The Shack and in The Bel-Air

The restaurant itself will undergo some major changes.
The size of the restaurant will shrink, and the back half of the restaurant space will become part of The Shack.
The front of the restaurant back to the fireplace will become a lounge area with low tables and comfortable chairs and sofas.
The bar will remain the same, and we’ll continue to sell the great cocktails and wines that you are used to.
The kitchen will continue to create great food for you in the form of smaller plates.
You will be able to come in to nibble or to have a full meal.

The Sunset Room no longer exists, it has been turned into office space by the building.

The Shack will expand, adding the back of the restaurant as their own seating area.
The Shack kitchen will also be enlarged so we can offer you more items on the menu.
In the enlarged eating area we will be  able to offer you many more options for eat in, grab ‘n go, or to take home for dinner,
as well as beers, wines, and cocktails, all for offsite consumption.  No one will be drinking alcohol in the Shack.

When you think of The Bel-Air, please think of The Shack in the Back
Shack hours: M-F open at 7:30 am Sat open at 9:00 am
M-Sat. close 7:00
Call in to 310-440-5544 or 310-440-5546

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“Bougainvillea weaves our homes and communities together in Southern California, which is why I chose it for our art glass entrance.”
  -Susan Lord, proprietress

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